Peter G. Fitzgibbons, MD

Hand & Upper Extremity Surgeon

Dr. Peter Fitzgibbons is an orthopedic surgeon specializing in the hand and upper extremity. A native of Boston, MA and graduate of Harvard College. Dr. Fitzgibbons received his medical degree from Brown Medical School after completing the Dartmouth/Brown combined MD program. He continued at Brown University completing an internship in general surgery, a residency in orthopedic surgery, and a fellowship in orthopedic trauma. Dr. Fitzgibbons then returned to Harvard for a fellowship in hand and upper extremity surgery.

Dr. Fitzgibbons performs a wide variety of advanced procedures, treating fractures, tendon and nerve injuries, carpal tunnel and other nerve compression problems, trigger finger and other forms of tendonitis, sprains, and arthritic conditions. His consultations are consistently precise and thorough. Dr. Fitzgibbons makes sure patients fully understand not only their diagnosis but also the risks and benefits of various treatment options, so that together he and the patient arrive at the treatment plan that best suits that patient’s particular needs.